Island-based, repairs & decoration, plus timber renovation of windows & doors

Maintaining a home to save money in the long run, or never letting things go too far - that's my philosophy to building renovation, repair and decoration. When paint starts to lift it's time to act - sort it out now while the job is still easily fixed and you'll save yourself money over time. Of course you may wish to pull everything out and replace it with a more energy efficient, eco-friendly alternative - and that may be the best option. But if you're not yet ready for such drastic measures, or as is more often the case, you wish to breathe new life into your home's valuable original features, that's where I can help. As well as painting and decorating, I regularly undertake running repairs to wooden sash windows and frames, doors and gates, as well as cabinets, cupboards and other household furniture - this can also include garden features.

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Planning home improvements

Have you considered what work is the most urgent, or what may be better left for further on down the line? Is it the right time of year to start on outside maintenance, or should interior features be tackled first? If you're unsure about your project, it may help to run through it in advance and so avoid any pitfalls or complications later in the day. I am happy to discuss projects, assess your needs and give advice on best ways forward - if I'm not available to start immediately, then a work schedule may be determined to suit both parties.