Design-led services: furniture & interior features plus garden woodwork

If you've got some home ideas of your own that are not yet fully formed, I can help. Nearly everything you see here contains a degree of design whether it's furniture, interior features or garden woodwork. By improving functionality through restoration, or building something that helps interpret your own thoughts - design remains a key factor. Prior to 2004 I worked in the UK design industry for a number of years, including a brief stint in architecture and an even shorter stint in television, before continuing in industrial design and finally settling as a director and partner of 2 graphic design agencies. Here I oversaw, amongst other things, the design and production of exhibition and internal display fixtures. Most of these companies were of international or national standing. I am well versed in drawing and surveying and can interpret ideas in a number of different mediums. In the design gallery you'll see a number of projects, some commercial, some personal, some for friends and others linked to work featured elsewhere in this website. Design is still something I very much enjoy - however it does't preclude me from popping round to fix that door either.

Covered seat drawing

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Understanding what you want

Right from the outset it's important that you can see where we're going with the job. Good communication, detailed discussions and a clear set of working drawings or visualisations will help bring the project to life. This can help to guide the direction of the work too. If something looks like it might be better done differently at the initial stages, then it's easily addressed. If your idea changes once you've seen the visuals then we can expand or amend the work before any materials are bought or committed to. Alternative options also help with the thinking process and avoid costly mistakes.

Running the job

As part of my regular working practice I provide detailed estimates (with contingency 'ball-park figures' when required), ongoing job costs plus fully itemised expenses including a timesheet. If required, and especially when you are away, I can provide an illustrated progress report by email - charged according to the level of complexity.